ITS MGT PRO Product Overview

   MGT Pro enables IT support professionals to manage devices at data centers as well as monitor their health, availability and performance. MGT Pro's advanced network management can monitor devices and network services via UDP/TCP port, host response through ICMP and any other service or statistic from an SNMP compatible device. We also include a comprehensive, and extendable, set of higher level protocol-aware plug-ins including HTTP, DNS, SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and many others. The device also supports netflow analysis. Until now, this robust set of features required multiple devices, thus complicating data centers and adding potential failure points. MGT Pro unifies all of these roles in a single device with one management interface. All data is stored in a local SQL database, allowing for comprehensive reporting while minimizing WAN traffic. The management portal supports backup and restore operations for increased redundancy and manageability. MGT Pro uses a hardened Debian Linux environment for maximum security, performance and reliability. To learn more, please Click Here for our contact information.